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About us



The International Business Corporation is one of the few Russian companies, which provides comprehensive and precise support for Russian businesses and authorities in their international activities.

Our mission is to promote and develop healthy business relations between private and public sectors worldwide. We believe that though the exchange of ideas we can make the world a better, safer and cleaner place for us and for our future generations. The world is a complex community with different cultures and traditions. For sure the future of the world will be much more transparent if nations will be more willing to exchange ideas and construct dialogue.

Our objectives:

  • To insure the exchange of ideas, experiences and information between private and public sectors of around the globe.
  • To provide convinient and effective mechanisms for finding new clients, technologies and resoures worldwide;
  • To promote new technologies, goods and services to foreign markets;
  • To attract foreign capital to businesses, regions and specific projects;
  • To create a postive image for partner-counteries and partner businesses, thus increasing their global competitiveness.

Our values:

Our corporate values lay the foundation for our activities. They are the basis of trust for our clients, alligiance of our employees and the key to our success.


We achieve outstanding results.

We put maximum effort in every project that our clients give us. We gurantee, unique solutions and outstanding results. We value our team of professionals, we set high standards and work hard to accomplish them. Please take your time to review our “Past events”.

All of our projects are completed with percision and quility. We value proffesionalism and diligence. We guarantee high results.

We strive for high efficiency.

Our work ethics ecourage our employees to develop and learn. We look for new trends and always address the hottest topics on the market.

We always try to exceed your expectations.

We believe the sky has no limits. Our reputation has proven that we keep our word.


We carry the responsibility for the well-being and the creative potential of our employees. We just as well carry the resposibility for the development of our partner-businesses and for their success on the global market. We consider ourselves to be responsible for the future of society as a whole. Thus while making decisions, we carefully evaluate the results they will bring in the future.


Our company was established in 2004, over the last 9 years, we have organized over 40 events world wide. We have successfully proved to be a reliable and inovative. If you have any questions or propositions feel free to contact us.


The secret to our success is the entrepreneurship of our employees, their unconventional approaches to emerging challenges. A creative approach to projects allows us to achieve the best results in the most effective ways.

We create a cozy atmosphere in our company that encourages us to think and breathe freely. We love new challenges and always want to raise our benchmarks. We enjoy working in a team who shares our values.


Working on global markets is always characterized by increased competition, therefore to be effective we must have competitive advantages: competence in the field of international relations, the experience of foreign trade, foreign languages ​​and understanding of cultural traditions of other countries. Our managers have years of experience in the field of international relations and will help your company to conduct a comprehensive analysis of opportunities in overseas markets.


We have established partnerships with more than 30 organizations worldwide, including companies in the areas of education, health, construction, investment, finance, organization of international events, etc. We have vast experience in implementing projects in Russia, USA, Japan, China, South-East Asia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia and other countries.

Without Boundries

We do not set limits while working with foreign partners. We can implement projects and events for your company anywhere in the world, depending on your needs, preferences, goals, and opportunities.

We guarantee the implementation of your projects at the highest level. We value our loyal clients, who have been working with us over the past years. Most of our new clients come to us from recommendations from our partners, colleagues, friends and acquaintances. We are proud of our clients and thank them for their cooperation and intent to develop reputation for high quality work.