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Past events

This section presents you the reports concerning the events implemented by International Business Corporation. The information provided can be useful for those who are looking for partners abroad, who are interested in participating in international forums, who are following the news of the latest events that take place in the world of business and the vital activity of big and small companies, organizations and institutions in different parts of the world.

Those reports help to analyze the realized events separately and in liaison with other events held in different time and dispersed geographic areas.  Simple scanning of the articles and photos is enough to measure indirectly the dynamics of certain companies’ activity in global economic processes. The world is constantly changing, common principles of business collaboration are forming, cultures of different countries and regions are drawing closer, new projects are emerging.

Participants of the events spontaneously turn into a team of interesting people, bringing new ideas into life. While comparing the fragments of reality, the estimation of self abilities and living environment is appearing.

Dear Friends, we are always pleased to share with you the information and impressions from all the events conducted and render to you any assistance in establishing new contacts with our partners and like-minded persons.