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10-17 November 2008. Japan, Tokyo. International Construction Forum

Within the bounds of International Construction Forum took place a conference Japan-Russia business collaboration, organized by International Business Corporation and Constructors Association of Russia.

In the work of the conference participated heads of administrations of Russian regions, biggest Russian and Japanese companies in the sphere of construction, Russian Embassy in Japan, Russian Trade Representation in Japan, non-for-profit organizations of Russia and Japan, leading architects and academics of the two countries.

Russian Embassy and Russian Trade Representation in Japan made a welcoming speech to the participants of the conference. They noted the permanent approaching in business collaboration of the neighbor countries, expressed the hope that International Construction Forum taking place in Tokio, would become an important step on the way of further mutually beneficial collaboration of Russian and Japanese construction companies.

Investment projects of Russian regions were presented by Deputy Governor of Kostroma Oblast region Alexander Konovalov, representative of Chechnya Republic region Maaz Yusupov, Director General of the Closed company Stolitsa (Naberejnie Chelni city) Sergey Krilevskiy.
Japanese party was represented by leading architects, heads and specialists of the biggest companies in construction sector.

According to Director General of International Business Corporation Oleg Slavinskiy:
- Every report of Japanese colleagues made a particular impression not only by the large scale of the business, high level of using innovative technologies, but also by its presence on the Russian market. Some Muscovites being in Tokyo found out the facts about giant Japanese construction projects in neighbor streets in Moscow. Lively interest was aroused by new technologies of rapid construction of aseismic stable low-rise buildings. And when the conversation turned to estimation of airflow while designing the building and adjacent territory, I involuntarily remembered drafts of Russian megalopolis that knocks people down. When you hear Japanese specialists speaking, its not difficult to understand why rates of average life span are so high in Japan.

But Japanese technologies is not a miracle cure for all problems of improvement of Russian construction sector. Russian construction market requires a wider range of offered construction materials, that should be subject to climatic and seismic zone, population density, impact of nature and other factors. Thats why the conference provided a double benefit to Russian delegates: firstly they estimated Japanese technologies and offers, secondly they got acquainted with new domestic construction materials, shared the experience of applying technologies of other countries in practice.

Oleg Slavinskiy noted that many Russian scientists are unique persons that have an immense creative potential, original mind, that are ready to meet any challenges, regardless of the time and personal interest, until the matter comes to adoption of product or technology in mass production at that moment they lack pragmatism. That is why International Business Corporation helps to organize informing interested parties, does its best to combine efforts in order to achieve the planned results. It is a complicated complex of work, that requires participation of the best employees, that have a big practical work experience, academic degrees and most important lifelong optimism and inexhaustible energy. We will adopt Japanese practices, they do business simply and in a well-organized way, they have all products in required amount. We will visit several construction companies of Japan and I think that everyone will note many useful ideas realized in practice, that are simple and brilliant.