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15-19 April 2009. International Educational Forum in the United Arab Emirates

In Dubai was conducted “The International Educational Forum”, in which the heads of leading high schools of the CIS countries, Europe, America, Australia, Persian gulf took part.

The program of the Forum included visiting of the International exhibition of education and career in the Gulf States «GETEX-2009", University of Wollongong in “Dubai Knowledge Village”, Michigan State University Dubai, as well as holding of the scientific conference on the topic of international cooperation in the sphere of education.

The exhibition «GETEX-2009" presented expositions of the largest educational institutions of the world, including the stand of the Russian Federation. Delegates of the Forum had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most advanced programs of experts’ preparation. In total about 500 training programs were presented. Within the limits of the exhibition several seminars and conferences were conducted. Delegates and visitors of the forum were particularly interested by the report of Victor Shudegov – the vice-president of the Russian Federation State Duma Committee for Education - on the topic “Russian education in conditions of the world financial crisis”. The day before the Forum the report had been presented in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. Participants of the conference supported Victor Shudegov's proposals and acted with legislative initiatives. Following the results of the conference the corresponding resolution was accepted.

While visiting the recently constructed Michigan State University Dubai delegates of the Forum familiarized themselves with modern methods of preparation of experts in building and media sphere. Professor of the university Doctor Kennon Ryder presented to visitors a technique of lecture rooms, a musical class with a set of modern electro guitars and drum set. Former Soviet students being extremely impressed by the musical class, tried their best to play in group several compositions of “The Beatles”. Tour around the university left a great impression and gave a bright example for the future modernization of academic-material resources in Russian educational institutions.

In the University of Wollongong in Dubai, located in the well-known “Knowledge Village Dubai” we saw the boiling student life, but the delegate of the Forum Kenzhegali Kenzhegibaev, rector of the Aktyubinsk State Technical University of K.Zhubanova, managed to distract from his textbooks one of students from Kazakhstan and to learn his opinion about the Australian university. Being very glad to see the delegates the future master invited his friends to participate in the dialogue. According to the students, studying in the Knowledge Village Dubai gives them an opportunity to co-operate with coevals from different countries of the world, to communicate and understand people’s motivation. More than 3500 students from 108 countries of the world are trained only in the Australian university. The delegation was impressed by photos of the best students and dozens of cups won by the university students at the international sport competitions which are presented in the university foyer.

The university provides step-by-step training, starting with English language courses. During the next stage bachelors are prepared and after that the program of refresher training of the master degree is started. Basic programs are devoted to preparation of experts in the field of international business administration, strategic marketing, applied finance and banking, engineering management, information technologies.

At the end of the Forum the delegates discussed long-term plans of development of international cooperation during a round table talk. On the initiative of Kenzhegali Kenzhegebaev carrying out of theoretical and practical conference on the topic of ecology on the basis of the Aktyubinsk State Technical University of K.Zhubanova was planned. The topic of ecology in conditions of large-scale infrastructure development in the near future would require the involvement of experts for the purpose of carrying out considerable actions devoted to ecological equilibrium maintenance. Visits to a number of educational institutions located in Dubai showed that preparation of experts in ecology sphere is practically absent.

According to Victor Lazarenko, rector of the Ural State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Russian science has huge potential for the further cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, especially in the sphere of using UAE sufficient experience and fundamental base of preparation of high level specialists. It is no coincidence that this is in Chelyabinsk where the complex program “Ecological board of Persian gulf” was developed.

Valery Lesovik, the first Vice-chancellor of the Belgorod State University of Shuhov, noted that Dubai was a great building exposition for the future experts of the construction industry. Today about 400 skyscrapers are under construction in only one area named “Maria”. Belgorod is actively built over too and it is one of the most well-groomed cities of Russia. Year after year the culture of construction raises. Exhibitions on the topic of construction passing in the United Arab Emirates, such as «CITISCAPE», can be of a great interest for the future architects and builders, and the city of Dubai itself is a bright example of realization of the best ideas put into practice.

Participants of the Forum gave a high estimation to all realized events, thanked the host party and invited their colleagues to pay a return visit to Russia for the purpose of the further development of international collaboration in the sphere of science and education.