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20-26 April 2009. International Construction Forum in the United Arab Emirates

In the period from 20th to 26th April, 2009 The International Construction Forum was conducted in the United Arab Emirates. During the Forum the Russian delegates visited the world's largest investment exhibition CITYSCAPE in the city of Abu-Dhabi, held business meetings with representatives of the leading building companies operating in Gulf States, visited building sites in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Shardzha, discussed in a round table talk the essential problems of the construction sphere in terms of the world financial crisis.

The international exhibition CITYSCAPE was opened by its majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktum - Vice-president and Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Governor of Dubai. Despite the world financial crisis, the exhibition drew a wide response from all over the world. The CITYSCAPE presented expositions of the leading world companies. Traditionally the pitch was set by grandiose projects of the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Canada, Great Britain. According to its majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktuma all scheduled objects would be put into operation in time. At 9 o'clock in the morning on September, 9th, 2009 the start of the first underground line and the opening of the highest building in the world "Burdzh Dubai" would take place. For the first time in history of the United Arab Emirates the closing stage of the World championship car racing of "Formula-1" would take place in Dubai in the period from October, 30th till November, 1st, 2009. Visitors of the formula would have an opportunity to stay in the equipped yacht-club at the sea shore, and the most enthusiastic admirers of races can be accommodated in the chic hotel "Marina" located in the centre of autodrome.

With one of long-term admirers of "Ferrari" Neil Morten the architect from Great Britain the Russian delegates conducted a business meeting on Palma Jumeirah island. Neil presented to the Russian delegates some objects under construction on the man-made island. On the threshold of forthcoming Olimpic Games-2014 in Sochi experience of building objects on man-made islands and coastlines is topical for the builders involved in developing infrastructure of the Krasnodarskiy kray region territory.

Nejl Mortan expressed his sincere desire to work with the Russian companies and to transfer the experience of collaboration with the largest world investors, moreover he was ready to send a part of his own company KLC profit to the realization of Russian projects. Participants of the forum expressed their admiration of the Nejl Mortan company which is carrying out building orders for high-ranking persons. The secret of Nejls success turned out to be simple: he acquired most of his business connections and recommendations while visiting exhibitions and sports actions, including Formula-1.

During a round table talk questions of counter investments were discussed with the Arabian companies. The representative of one of the largest companies in Dubai "Dubak" mister Hasan Abou Ismail proposed to Russian businessmen to consider the possibility of cooperation on the topic of exchange of technologies, deliveries of building materials and equipment from Russia in Gulf States. The founder of Novosibirsk company "Specstroyzhelezpbeton" Anatoly Chechin summing up the results of negotiations, suggested to organize a meeting in Russia for the interested Arabian and Russian companies.

From the Russian side the delegates suggested to familiarize themselves with production and technologies of the building complex, ecology, oil and gas extraction branch. Oleg Laan and Nikolay Shchekolinsky, representing Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones, noted the high level of expositions presented at the exhibition CITYSCAPE as an example of efficient attraction of investments into development of the city infrastructure. They also discussed with local colleagues some ecology questions, in particular the questions of sea water desalination. Experts of the company "Polyquarts" (Krasnodar) Natalia Soltanova and Inna Soltanova noticed that at present it was important to save the building branch and to continue building objects, possibly with attraction of foreign investments, as freezing of objects in the future can lead to additional expenses for selection of personnel and restoration of material base.

As a whole delegates of the Forum noted the importance of carrying out international events intended for the establishment of horizontal business relations and development of cooperation between the enterprises. International experience of business dealing in modern conditions is of extreme importance for the activation of Russian companies cooperation with foreign partners.