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4 - 10 October 2008. International Construction Forum in United Arab Emirates.

Seeing is believing.

After 4,5 hours of flight on Boeing-777 participants of the International Construction Forum successfully got to Dubai airport. High temperature, gathering of people and cars was perceived as an illusion. Only in the bus, filled with artificial coolness, the mind returns to normal condition. In the darkness were flashing lights of breathtaking skyscrapers, top floors of which were out of vision.

Long after midnight service team of the hotel Monarch received the Russian delegation with a top-class service. When the delegation got electronic keys and tasted dates and soft drinks, the baggage had already been delivered to the room numbers.

In the morning - swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym, massage, breakfast and first visit to the man-made archipelago The World. Taking into consideration the fact that Russia in 2014 hosts winter Olympic games in Sochi, the archipelago provoked a professional interest in the first place.

Under the sunshine Dubai was absolutely different. Skyscrapers dressed in gigantic advertising placards, flags of the biggest Arabian construction companies overshadowed the most well-known brands of the World. Buildings with less than 30 floors seem to be dwarfs. Ideal roads made it possible to keep the speed of more than one hundred kilometers per hour in a rather dense streem of cars.

The bus dives into an underground tunnel and comes to surface on the made-made The Palm Island. Behind road curbs can be seen heavy boulders, surrounded by blue waves of the Persian Gulf. Hundreds of homes of different numbers of storeys are grouped in an architectural tracery. A magnificent hotel Atlantis stands in beauty in front of us. From the outside the building is designed in a traditional style and inside it is decorated with antique and oriental elements. The most attractive decoration of the hotel is the huge aquarium with a shoal of many-colored fish.

Our architects and constructors for a long time actively discussed details of the visited objects. They shared their impressions up to the evening when the topic of artificial islands gave place to discussion of other objects that could be seen from the deck of the ship restaurant.

As our delegates started to get used to the view of the city, it was time to visit profile companies. Visit of the big construction holding company Emaar was especially informative, today this company constructs the tallest building in the world Burj Dubai.

Later on the delegation of the International Business Corporation visited the international exhibition Cityscape. More than one thousand companies from 120 countries presented their projects of original buildings and facilities, master plans of new quarters and even cities. Abu-Dhabi gets ready to amaze the world not only by a 1200 meters skyscraper, but also by an absolutely new city in the desert, that will reflect the most inconceivable concepts of architects. There are no limits to perfection, especially in the United Arab Emirates. Over the last thirty years magnificent cities grew up in the desert, but the desire to proceed and progress leads collective mind to endless heights of creativity. Its enough to say that nowadays in Dubai are being constructed more than 400 scyscrapers and none of them resembles another.

Delegation of the International Business Corporation communicated with the participants of the exhibition that present the companies, that are constructing huge skyscrapers on the water. Company Nakheel is one of the leaders of constructing man-made islands and commercial property in the Persian Gulf. Manager of the company Nakheel Darine Al-bau told Russian delegates about the construction projects. In close cooperation with Dutch specialists Nakheel managed to increase considerably the coastline by constructing groups of islands The World, The Palm Islands. Russian delegates proposed to Darine to work on the wide space of the Black Sea and were gratified by positive response. Canadian construction companies, that realize their operations all over the world and especially in the United Arab Emirates, also approved the idea of entering Russian market with their investments.

In the evening business dinners gradually turned into entertainments and vice versa. Professor and PhD Salik Mohiaddin President of the Russia-Arab Cooperation Fund advised the delegates what places to see in the UAE for the purpose of doing business and getting acquainted with the culture.

Mr. Hassan Abou Ismail top manager of the construction company Inova proposed innovative methods to solve the problem of parking in Russian megalopolises. And his guest from Germany Franchesco Galpin top manager from the company Permalight demonstrated indicatory plates that can accumulate light energy and therefore can be used in public buildings where a sudden shutdown of light can be possible and where indicators are needed at night without the usage of energy. Business meetings lasted up to the late night. New people, new ideas gave to our Forum a creative atmosphere of a festival.

We decided to organize the farewell dinner in the desert. After a tour on off-road vehicles along steep sand dunes we admired the sunset in the desert and visited local camel farm. Our trip continued by visiting bedouin village. We tasted traditional food, listened to Arabian music, admired belly dance of an oriental beauty. A couple of puffs at a balmy hookah and the evening was voted a success. That was fantastic!

In the morning the plane took us back to Russia, but our heart was still in Dubai. In the childhood we admired Scheherazade fairy tales, today we can admire fantasy in reality. If you dont believe us, try it yourself!