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4-11 April 2009. International Medical Forum in Japan.

Annually in the beginning of April in Tokio (Japan) specialists in the sphere of medicine from different parts of the world gather in order to visit the biggest International exhibition and conference "MEDTEC JAPAN 2009". At present many exhibitions of modern medical equipment and technologies are held, but according to professionals, "MEDTEC JAPAN 2009" due to its specific character fundamentally differs from all the rest. The exposition included the latest achievements in the sphere of medicine that are used in different sectors, as well as medical equipment and technologies of the leading manufacturers. During the exposition practical application and usage of the equipment by organizations and medical institutions is demonstrated. "MEDTEC JAPAN 2009" traditionally becomes a meeting place for representatives of suppliers and manufacturers of medical equipment with persons interested in future collaboration.

During the working week Russian specialists visited State scientific and technical centers for medicine and biotechnologies of Japan, companies that produce medical equipment including “Fukuda Denshi”. For the last 65 years the company was engaged in producing cardiographic and other equipment. “Kawasumi Laboratories , INC.” produces the equipment for blood transfusion, catheters (Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Sets), bioartificial organs – kidneys, hearts and lungs.

The company “Iskra Industry” presented to Russian specialists medical beds with electrical conductors and automatic change of slope and relief that are designed for patients who need a long-time treatment. According to Mr. Yamamoto, representative of “Iskra Industry”, products of the company are needed in many clinics of the world, including Russia.

In the company “Japan Medical Advance” was conducted an active discussion with Mr. Yoshiba on the topic of cancer treatment by means of hyperthermia. This Japanese company, owning exclusive right for sales, closely collaborates with oncological center in Moscow.

In the hospital of the medical university “Nippon Medical School Hospital” deputy chief physician, surgeon Dr. Huakasoku showed the center of advanced resuscitation. Russian delegates were the first visitors of the center, to whom the introductory tour was provided. During the negotiations Dr. Huakasoku expressed his interest to interchange of doctors and students in Russia and Japan in order to develop medical practice.

Our delegates had great impressions after visiting "Central Clinic Shiodome", situated in a modern multistory office building "Shiodome City Center". But most of all they were impressed by staying in the Kobe City Center for Innovative Medicine, that realizes the function of passage from scientific to practical medicine. The Center is equipped with an in-patient department where are applied ultra-modern medical facilities in sectors like CT / MRI / PET tomography, clinical researches and regeneration medicine that gives an opportunity to overcome hard-to-cure diseases with which standard medicine can’t cope.

In the whole Russian specialists received a lot of useful information about contemporary medicine, health care service in the Land of the Rising Sun, and shaped prospective plans of further collaboration with Japanese companies.