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15-22 November 2010, Tokyo, International Medical Forum in Japan Ц 2010

International Medical Forum in Japan – 2010
Tokyo, 15-22 November 2010

Results of the visit of the Russian delegation to Tokyo

In the period from 15th to 22nd November 2010 took place the “International Medical Forum in Japan – 2010” organized by International Business —orporation. According to the program of the Forum Russian delegation participated in the work of the biggest annual exhibition “HOSPEX JAPAN 2010”, as well as in other official and business events in Tokyo city.

From the Russian side in the Forum participated 42 delegates. The delegation was headed by Mr. Isaak Esterov - Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Market and Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Among the members of the Russian delegation were also Heads of 29 Territorial agencies of the Federal service of Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation (Roszdravnadzor) – they represented government of 29 Russian regions.

In the first day of the Forum, after having arrived to Tokyo and having accommodated in the hotel, the delegates participated in the meeting with a significant Japanese company – NIDEK Co., Ltd. The main area of the company’s business is production of equipment for eyes examination, diagnostics and medical treatment of ophthalmological diseases, optometry and protection of lens. One of the most dynamically growing areas of the company’s activity is development of the artificial eye prosthesis for people who lost their eyesight after a long-lasting disease or injury.

Director of the International Sales Department of NIDEK Mr. Haruo Miyata welcomed the Russian delegation. Specially for the meeting with the Russian delegates Mr. Miyata together with the specialists of the International Sales Department prepared presentation about the company’s activity with specific proposals for further collaboration with Russia. Besides in order to ensure quick communication between Russian organizations and representatives of NIDEK, contacts of the Russian office of NIDEK were specified and also representative for relations with Russian business was named – it was Mr. Marek Muszynski.

The Russian delegates asked many questions about Japanese ophthalmological sector in the whole and activity of NIDEK in particular. Welcome was very cordial, no question was left unanswered. Both sides were satisfied with the results of the meeting.

In the second day of the International Medical Forum the Russian delegation visited the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the International medical exhibition “HOSPEX JAPAN 2010”. 

Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association unites the leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies. The JPMA list of members contains 67 companies including widely recognized multinational corporations GlaxoSmithKline K.K.; Ajinomoto Co., Inc.; Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation; UCB Japan Co., Ltd.

The Russian delegation was welcomed by Mr. Minoru Kamiya – Director of the International Relations Department of the JPMA. Mr. Kamiya presented a full and extensive report about Japanese healthcare system, development of Japanese pharmaceutical market, state circulation of medicinal agents (certification and licensing), prospects of the development of Japan-Russia collaboration in pharmaceutical sphere. From Japanese side in the meeting also participated senior managers of several JPMA member companies interested in collaboration with Russia, notably the following:

  • Minophagen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd;
  • Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation;
  • Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd;
  • The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute;
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.;
  • Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd;
  • Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd;
  • Nippon Pharmaceutical  Co., Ltd;
  • Pfizer Japan Inc.;
  • Wakamoto PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd.

During the meeting were actively discussed numerous questions, including research and development of pharmaceutics, management and pharmaceutical regulation, clinical trials, pharma-supervision, price formation system and procedure of generics approval.

Special attention was given to the international collaboration of the two countries in the sphere of pharmaceutics. Representatives of the Japanese companies expressed their willingness to enter the Russian pharmaceutical market.

The meeting in JPMA was finished by visiting a large Japanese network of pharmacies – MatsumotoKiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd., where the delegates got acquainted with the range of pharmaceutical drugs in free sale.

After lunch the program of the International Medical Forum was continued by the visit of the Russian delegation to the International medical exhibition “Hospex Japan 2010”, which was held in the exhibition center “Tokyo International Exhibition Center – Tokyo Big Sight”. HOSPEX Japan is the biggest Japanese multisectoral exhibition of medical equipment and technologies. This year the exhibition celebrated its 35th anniversary and more than 200 companies presented its products in 450 exhibition sectors. The event was held in the period from 17th to 19th November and was visited by approximately 35000 industry specialists.

For the Russian delegates “Hospex Japan 2010” exhibition was the source of useful contacts and bright impressions of displays, presentations, seminars and new acquaintances.

One of the most memorable events for the Russian delegates in Tokyo was their visit on the third day of the Forum to the multisectoral medical complex Kameda Medical Center, situated on the coast of the Pacific ocean in the provincial town Kamogawa. Kameda is one of a few diversified medical centers in the World that receives delegations from different countries in order to present them the activity of the center in the whole and the work of its medical staff in particular. Kameda Medical Center is a “symbiosis” of polyclinics, hospital and rehabilitation center.  

Our delegation was cordially and hearty received by the executive personnel of  the Kameda Medical Center – President Mr. Shogo Kameda, Vice-President Mr. John Wolker, Chairman of the Board – CEO Mr. Takaaki Kameda, who gave a detailed and fascinating presentation of the work of the Center and provided to the Russian delegates an opportunity to visit several divisions of the hospital, including the following:

  • therapeutics department;
  • gynaecological department;
  • chidren’s intensive care department;
  • surgical department;
  •   dental department;
  • morgue;
  • simulation room (room for studies and training of medical staff).

The visit to the Kameda Medical Center became an excellent opportunity for Russian delegates not only to get acquainted with theoretical achievements of Japanese specialists but also to watch in reality their practical application.

On the last day of the International Medical Forum the Russian delegates met the senior personnel of the National Institute of Public Health, situated in Saitama city. Among the main tasks of this unique research institute are education and training of medical personnel for participating in organization of the health care system, environmental hygiene and social maintenance, as well as research and analysis in the above-mentioned spheres.

President of the Institute Mr. Kenji Hayashi in his welcoming address paid special attention to the fact that it was the first time in the work of the Institute that they received guests from Russia.

The program of the meeting, that was prepared specially for delegates from Russia, included lectures and presentations on the following topics:

  • Lecture: “Overall public health system and current issues and challenges” - Dr. Kenji HAYASHI, President / NIPH;
  • Presentation and Discussion: “Community health care system, issues relating to management in particular” – Dr. Toshiro KUMAKAWA, Director of the Department of Management Sciences / NIPH;
  • Presentation and Discussion: “Health risk management” – Dr. Shinji TAKEMURA, Chief of the Departmnent of Public Health Administration and Policy / NIPH;
  • Presentation and Discussion: “Environmental health, research relating to electromagnetic wave in particular” – Dr. Akira USHIYAMA, Chief of the Department of Environmental Health / NIPH;
  • Presentation and Discussion: “Healthy building and housing” – Dr. Haruki OSAWA, Director of the Department of Architectural Hygiene and Housing / NIPH;
  • Presentation and Discussion: “Water engineering” – Dr. Mari ASAMI, Chief of the Department of Water Supply Engineering / NIPH.

During the meeting in the National Institute of Public Health, the Russian delegates received the most comprehensive information about the organization of Japanese public health system.

Among the results of the International Medical Forum in Japan – 2010 we would like to stress the following:

  • Contacts of the highest management level of 69 Japanese companies are received. Those companies are interested in collaboration with Russia on its pharmaceutical market and in the sphere of medical equipment; 
  • Database of the Japanese companies’ presentations, that can be used by all Russian participants of the Forum, is created. Presented companies: NIDEK International Division, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, National Institute of Public Health;
  • The following interests of the Japanese participants of the Forum in collaboration with Russia are revealed:
    1. NIDEK International Division: selling ophthalmological technologies (equipment) to Russia;
    2. Pharmaceutical companies – members of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (67 companies): selling finished pharmaceutical drugs to Russia, opening joint enterprises, collaboration in the sphere of production technologies exchange;
    3. National Institute of Public Health: collaboration with research companies in the sphere of information exchange, researches and analysis of education and training of personnel for public health service, environmental hygiene and social maintenance;
  • During the Forum more than 10 double-sided negotiations between Russian and Japanese organizations were conducted;
  • Requests from Russian and Japanese participants of the Forum for proceeding with negotiations in the year 2011 are received.