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15-22 November 2010, Tokyo, International Construction Forum in Japan Ц 2010

International Construction Forum in Japan – 2010

In the period from 15th to 22nd November 2010 passed a regular trip of Russian delegates to Tokyo for the International Construction Forum in Japan – 2010. Participation in international professional forums, that are organized by International Business Corporation several times a year, enjoy wide popularity among regular and new customers.

APEC Summit – 2010 that took place in Yokohama just before the start of the International Construction Forum, eased tension between Russia and Japan that appeared after the visit of President Dmitriy Medvedev to Kunashir island, and determined new prospects of collaboration of the neighbour countries. Moreover regardless of the political situation Japanese business expressed high interest in exchanging information and contacts with Russian specialists. As a result, the last forum in Japan was notable for new exclusive technical visits and for an extensive program of the conference.

The Russian delegation consisted of 98 delegates from 32 regions of Russia, including Mayor of Volgodonsk city Viktor Firsov, Mayor of Shakhty city Aleksandr Ponamarenko, Heads of Belgorod Oblast regional administration and Directors General of the leading Russian construction companies.

Russian delegation accommodated in one of the best luxury hotels of Tokyo city. It was built by Kajima Corporation - one of participants of the International Construction Forum in Japan – 2010. At the time that the construction of the hotel was finished it was the only high rise building in the district, and now it is situated in Tokyo business center just in front of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Excellent location of the hotel was very helpful for organization of bilateral negotiations between Russian delegates and Japanese companies.

After having arrived to Tokyo Russian delegation conducted the first business meeting in the celebrated developer company Mori Building Co., that created numerous projects in Japan and abroad, including one of the main Tokyo sights – architectural complex Roppongi Hills. This complex is a whole quarter that has an area of 11 600 square meters and includes commercial and residential buildings, shops, culture centers, Grad Hyatt Hotel, cinema complex Virgin Cinema and one of the best Tokyo museums – center of contemporary art Mori Arts Center, high school of fashion and design Hollywood Beauty Plaza, medical center Roppongi Hills, office of the media company TV Asahi.

It is the Roppongi Hills complex that became the place of the meeting of Mori Building Co. and the Russian delegates – participants of the International Construction Forum. Besides the tour around the territory of the complex, senior managers of Mori Building Co. presented to the Russian delegates the company and its main projects. General Manager of the Town Management Department Mr. Yasuhiro Kougo and Senior Manager of the Town Management Department Mr. Jun Fujiwara explained to the delegates that Roppongu Hills complex was built in three years after fourteen years of planning. All buildings were planned with due regard for aseismic stability and now they can resist an earthquake stronger than the one that destroyed Kobe city in 1995.

In order to ensure the high quality simultaneous translation all delegates were supplied with headphones to which translators of International Business Corporation broadcasted translation of reports and comments of Japanese specialists.

To the attention of the Russian specialists was also presented plan of Tokyo city development made of small models of houses – copies of Tokyo architecture. On the plan of the city high-rise buildings could be easily recognized – those were projects of Mori Building Co.

In the same demonstration hall near the Tokyo city plan is constructed a small model of New York city. While comparing the models of the two cities’s development, it becomes evident that Tokyo city consists of low-rise buildings beside American megalopolis. Experts used to think that Tokyo city doesn’t grow up because of possible earthquakes, but Mori Building Co. proves that Tokyo city has got a lot of opportunities for constructing high-rise and solid buildings. Mori Building Co. promotes the idea of high-rise development of Tokyo and therefore the company presented its new ideas to the Russian delegates during their visit.

After the visit to Mori Building Co. and Roppongi Hills complex the delegation of Russian constructors ascended to the observation ground of another famous Tokyo architectural object – communications tower Tokyo Tower. Seismic resistant structure of the tower was developed by the engineering company Nikken Sekkei, representatives of which actively participated in the events of the International Construction Forum in Japan – 2010.

Their first evening in Japan Russian delegates passed on cruise boats that floated along the Sumida river on the bank of which Tokyo city is based. In two boats-restaurants Russian delegates could taste traditional Japanese food: sushi, sashimi, tempura, seafood and rice dishes.

On the second day of the stay in Tokyo business program was divided according to the interests of the participants. Half of the delegates visited the biggest professional Asian exhibition of construction materials and equipment Japan Home and Building Show 2010, and another half of the delegates passed the whole day with representatives of Kajima Corporation – one of the greatest Japanese general contractors.

Japan Home and Building Show – is an exhibition of construction materials, equipment and exclusive interiors which is well-known among the specialists. The exhibition is annually held in November starting from 1979. International Business Corporation traditionally from the year 2007 holds a booth “Russian Construction” at the exhibition Japan Home and Building Show. Every year advertising materials of the forum participants are spread among the exhibition visitors.

On this prestigious exhibition that is mainly devoted to construction materials, big attention is given to both structural items and products of related industries. Among participants of the exhibition are present not only companies producing materials for construction of buildings but also those who produce decoration materials – varnishes and paints, lightning fixtures, materials for finishing ceilings, floor decoration and other. In 2010 in the exhibition participated 87 638 visitors and 408 exhibitors, including 110 foreign companies from USA, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Korea and other counties.

More than 30 members of the Russian delegation presented its advertising materials at the booth “Russian Construction”. Moreover main organizers and participants of the exhibition – Japan Construction Materials and Housing Equipment Industries Federation (J-CHIF) were informed about the participation of Russian companies in the exhibition Japan Home and Building Show 2010. This Federation consists of 144 biggest Japanese organizations: 82 companies and 62 associations that produce all kinds of construction materials and housing equipment. The management of the Federation in advance informed all members of J-CHIF about the booth “Russian Construction” at the exhibition Japan Home and Building Show 2010. All interested members of the Federation and Director for the international relations of J-CHIF Mr. Mitsuo Miyakita visited Japan-Russia Construction Conference on 18th November 2010.  

Kajima Corporation where passed its second day other delegates of the International Construction Forum, is one of the six biggest general contractors of Japan – the famous “Big Six”. In 2010 according to Engineering New Record journal, Kajima Corporation ranked the 17th in Top-225 World Contractors with the biggest amount of annual revenue, which is the best result among Japanese companies.

Senior management of the company Kajima Corporation often makes business trips to Russia in order to meet with government agencies and participate in opening ceremonies of Russian branches of friendly Japanese companies. The senior management of Kajima Corporation expressed high interest in meeting the Russian delegates and contributed a lot for its successful realization. We are especially grateful to the Advisory Senior Manager Mr. Masayoshi Kihara for his greatest contribution to the International Construction Forum in Japan – 2010.

The company invited interested Russian delegates for the full day program, that consisted of visits to the headquarters, construction site and finished object. At the meeting in the headquarters of Kajima Corporation Russian delegates were welcomed by Senior Executive Officer Mr. Yoshikazu Oshimi, and after specialists of the company made a two-hour presentation of the newest construction and management technologies of Kajima Corporation, including the following: technologies of high-rise construction, improving the effectiveness of human resources, usage of prefabricated reinforced concrete, planning of decoration works, delivery of construction materials, mergers and acquisitions as means of management, automation and robotics in construction. All above-mentioned topics were touched upon in accordance with the interests of the Russian delegates that were revealed during the questionnaire poll that was conducted by organizers while preparing the forum and that were after informed to the senior management of Kajima Corporation. Besides on demand of several Russian delegates Kajima Corporation invited for the meeting the specialist for construction of domes and large-span objects who made a twenty-minute presentation of innovative technologies in this sphere.

Several Russian delegates conducted an active preparation for the meeting with representatives of Kajima Corporation in advance and made proposals for collaboration that were presented to the senior managers of the company during the meeting at headquarters. For example the company LLC Production and Construction Company “Steelcon” in advance asked the organizers of the forum about the possibility to present the proposal for collaboration to Kajima Corporation. As a result at the meeting in Kajima Corporation Deputy Director General for Marketing of LLC “Steelcon” Mr. Andrey Buyakov spoke to the Senior Executive Officer of Kajima Corporation Mr. Yoshikazu Oshimi. After the conversation, to Mr. Buyakov was presented the person in charge for the realization of mutual projects. 

At the end of the meeting Director General of International Business Corporation Mr. Oleg Slavinskiy presented to Kajima Corporation a souvenir from Russia – a handicraft painting with an image of the Russian Federation National Emblem and medals of Romanov dynasty.

After lunch Russian delegates had a chance to visit the construction site Motoasakasa K Project – project of Kajima Corporation, a high-rise building of a new company headquarters. This new building is being constructed on the place of Kajima Corporation old office that has recently been demolished. The demolition method of this building became world-famous example of Japanese construction art.

At the beginning of the visit in the presentation room of the construction object Managing Director of Motoasakasa K Project Mr. Toshio Kawakami made a presentation of the demolition method of the old Kajima Corporation headquarters and also presented the new project. After the presentation Russian delegates were supplied with protective helmets and gloves and were accompanied to the tour around the construction object. They took the elevator and got to the highest floors of the building. Then they gradually descended to the lower floors and followed the degree of object readiness: from initial structures on upper floors to decoration works – on lower. Managers of the project with a help of translators answered the questions of the Russian specialists and explained to them the methods of using prefabricated structures and technologies of high-rise construction on the object Motoasakasa K Project.

In order to form a clear view about the construction method of Kajima Corporation at the end of the day Russian delegated were invited to visit the finished object of the company –Shiodome Tower, high-strength high-rise building notable for its application of the newest technologies of energy saving and hybrid ventilation system. Russian delegates visited security center of Shiodome Tower and premises of the famous Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido and hotel Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel.

Employees of the security center explained to the delegates the total security system of Shiodome Tower building, told us about the surveillance at the building, demonstrated work of cameras and mechanism of signal processing. General Manager of General Affairs Department of Shiseido Mr. Satoshi Sekiguchi made a presentation of the company and its occupied territory in Shiodome Tower and after that the Russian delegates accompanied by representatives of Shiseido and translators visited reception hall, offices and rest rooms. Russian delegates also visited Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel, they entered hotel rooms of different categories and admired their unusual design.

On Thursday, November 18th was held the main event of the International Construction Forum – Japan-Russia Construction Conference – 2010.

In the conference participated 46 representatives from 32 Japanese companies including Kajima Corporation, Mitsui & Co., PanaHome, Komatsu Ltd., Daikin Industries, Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates Co., Kito Corporation, Japan Construction Materials and Housing Equipment Industries Federation (J-CHIF), Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, Vero Powers, Sanyo Industries, Atis Co., Nichina Corporation, Construction Material Japan INC, Max Trading, NPO Russian Business Council in Japan, Russian club in Tokyo and others.

Japan-Russia Construction Conference was opened with an opening speech made by Director General of International Business Corporation Mr. Oleg Slavinskiy on the part of the organizers of the forum. He read out the welcoming address to Russian and Japanese participants of the conference on behalf of Chairman of the Committee for Construction and Land Relations of the Russian Federation State Duma Mr. Martin Shakkum. On behalf of diplomatic bodies of the Russian Federation in the opening of the conference spoke Advisor for economic issues of the Russian Embassy in Japan Mr. Igor Ustinov.

From Japanese side at the Conference made presentations the following specialists:

  • Mr. Masatoshi URASHIMA, Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager, Sales and Marketing Division of Kajima Corporation gave a presentation of Kajima Corporation, spoke about mission and organization of the company, its main achievements, advanced construction technologies;
  • Mr. Shoji UEHARA, Manager of Sales Planning Department, Global Operations Division of Daikin Industries, Ltd. – the world leader of production climate-control systems, spoke about Daikin equipment in air conditioning, its environmental activities and prospects of their application in Russia;
  • Mr. Kazufumi ITOH, Leader of Public Relations Department of PanaHome presented innovative technologies of PanaHome for construction of ecological and smart homes;
  • Mr. Yasuyoshi INOUE, General Manager for CIS Group Sales Department of Komatsu Ltd. made presentation of Komatsu Ltd. and its activity in the CIS market;
  • Mr. Shoichiro TAKEUCHI, Manager of Dai-Ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. – producer of additives for construction materials, made a presentation on the topic “Japanese excellent water-reducing agent for cement”;
  • Mr. Junichi OZAWA, Managing Director of JIS Certification Department of Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials presented expert description of role and meaning of the standards and certification system in the construction sector in Japan and spoke about the experience of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials. 

From Russian side at the Conference were made the following presentations:

  • Mr. Viktor FIRSOV, Mayor of Volgodonsk city made a presentation of Volgodonsk city as a promising recourse-intensive region for construction of the large-scale production facilities;
  • Mr. Dmitriy YAKOVENKO, Director General of Group of companies “Volgodon” Ltd. (Volgodonsk city) spoke on the topic “Collaboration with Volgo-Don Ltd. as a means of promoting Japanese construction materials on the Russian market”;
  • Mr. Sergey KORKIN, Director General of LLC “SAS-Service” (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city) presented to Russian delegates project “Port of Poronaysk” and its role in development of Sakhalin island infrastructure and oil-and-gas sector;
  • Mr. Andrey BUYAKOV, Deputy Director General for marketing and strategic planning LLC “Steelcon” (Moscow city) spoke out with a presentation on the topic “Prospects of constructing large-span objects in Russia with usage of innovative materials: potential of LLC Production and Construction Company “Steelcon”;
  • Mr. Sergey GLAGOLEV, Chancellor of Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University (Belgorod city) told the Russian delegates about the role of educational technologies in the development of construction sector: achievements of Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University.
  • Mr. Eduard VAKILOV, Head of the Department of Strategic Planning of Clozed JSC “Stalconstructsiya-V” (Moscow city) presented the project of stable development of territories in the system of world transport flows – North-West Corridor of Development “Finland frontier – Urals”. 

During the lunch and two coffee-brakes Russian and Japanese participants actively talked and exchanged opinions with the help of translators and organizers of International Business Corporation. At the conference were also distributed advertising materials of Japanese and Russian companies.

Japanese department of Russian main information agency ITAR-TASS was present at the conference and reported about the work of the conference in Japanese mass media. Press-conference took place and as a result of it information was distributed in the leading news feeds of Russia and Japan.

During the break between two sections of the conference the Russian local government delegation that consisted of city mayors, deputy governors and industry ministers, visited Tokyo Metropolitan Government. They met heads of Tokyo city departments of road construction, city planning, landscape gardening, municipal services.

After the end of the conference in the banquet room was held the gala reception for the participants of Japan-Russia Construction Conference, at which Japanese and Russian specialists exchanged business cards, discussed topical problems and negotiated about the mutually beneficial collaboration in the future.

Last business day of the International Construction Forum most of the delegates spent at the exhibition Japan Home and Building Show 2010. Accompanied by organizers of the forum and translators, Russian representatives visited the international exhibition center Tokyo Big Sight where the exhibition was held.

After the exhibition the Russian delegation visited the developing company engaged in low-rise construction.  On the territory of the company Russian constructors got acquainted with projects of residential buildings from PANAHOME, MISAWA, MITSUBISHI and other companies. Projects of homes were presented in several versions and therefore was explained the difference of costs of this or that project.

At the same time the group of interested delegates went to the neighbouring city Saitama in order to visit Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials. This center is the biggest testing organization in Japan, it has a personnel of more than 200 specialists. Main areas of business of Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials are testing and research services, performance evaluation services, certification and registration services (ISO 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), JIS mark certification services and other services (scientific research, assurance and verification of conformity to standards and technical specification for construction material, publication of monthly bulletin).

Dr. Junichi Ozawa, Managing Director of the Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, who participated in Japan-Russia Construction Conference, invited interested Russian delegates to the Central laboratory situated in Saitama city.

In the presentation room of the Central Laboratory Director of the laboratory Mr. Katsuichi Kuroki presented to Russian delegates main lines of business of the Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials in the whole and of the Central Laboratory in particular. After that specialists of the center showed to the Russian specialists the main pavilions of the laboratory designed for testing of construction materials for strength, refractoriness, cold resistance, aseismic stability and others. Before the departure employees of the laboratory presented to the Russian delegates freshly made cookies – specialties of Saitama city.

After the end of the rich business program on Saturday it was time to have a rest from noisy Tokyo surrounded by a wonderful nature of the Japanese national park Fuji-Hakone. This national park with an area of 1227 square meters was founded in 1936. It is famous for its splendid mountain Fuji, deep lakes, thermal springs, volcanic islands with tropical vegetation. Mount Fuji for Japanese people is the symbol of their country. Mount Fuji is often called “Fuji-san”, where the "-san" suffix bares the inflection of loftiness, respect, singularity and exceptionality.

In the southeast of Fuji is situated the forest volcanic region Hakone which is famous for its “onsen” health resorts with hot springs. In the past the onsens were designed for monks, courtiers, samurais and ordinary travelers, who visited resorts in order to bathe in their hot medicinal waters. In Hakone there are onsens of different types: big bathing complexes (Yunessun), onsens near hotels and private bathhouses.

During the trip to Hakone the Russian delegates visited Yunessun complex, that consisted of three parts: “Dream land”- hot and cold baths terraced on the slope of a mountain, “Yunessun” – baths with swimming pools, Turkish baths, hydrosulfuric baths and complex of water slides, Japanese baths “Furo”.

Whole day spent in the clean air, far from the vanity of Tokyo business center, let the Russian delegates to build up their strength and filled them with new impressions and energy for further fruitful work.

Last day in Japan all members of the Russian delegation spent according to their personal interests: at business meetings, in souvenir shops, walking along streets of Tokyo or visiting neighbour cities. Tourism companies – Japanese partners of International Business Corporation – offered to the Russian delegates sight seeing tours to Kamakura – neighbour city of Tokyo with majestic temples and huge Buddha statue; Kyoto – ancient Japanese capital city with a splendid architecture; Yokohama – dynamic center of innovative technologies and others.  

Among the main results of the International Construction Forum in Japan – 2010 we would like to stress the following:

  • Catalogues of the Russian participants of the Forum and their advertising materials are  distributed at the exhibition Japan Home and Building Show. This showed the big interest of Japanese businesses to Russian construction sector;
  • Contacts of the highest management level of 32 Japanese companies are received. Those companies are interested in collaboration with Russia in the sphere of construction; 
  • Database of the Japanese companies’ presentations, that can be used by all the participants of the Forum, is created. Presented companies: Kajima Corporation, PanaHome, Komatsu Ltd., Daikin Industries, Dai-Ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Co. Ltd., Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, Mori Building and others;
  • The following interests of the Japanese participants of the Forum in collaboration with Russia are revealed:
    1. Kajima Corporation: selling of construction technologies to Russia;
    2. Nikken Sekkei and Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates Co.: collaboration with developing companies from Russia;
    3. Dai-Ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Co., Ltd.: selling of water-reducing agent for cement to Russia;
    4. Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials: collaboration with research companies in the sphere of technological exchange for studies of construction materials;
  • During the Forum more than 30 double-sided negotiations between Russian and Japanese organizations were conducted and several mutual projects were launched;
  • Requests from Russian and Japanese participants of the Forum for proceeding with negotiations in the year 2011 are received.