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International Construction Forum in Singapore 23-30 November 2009

In the period from 23rd to 30th November 2009 the International Construction Forum was fulfilled. Among the main goals and objectives of the Forum was the exchange of experience in the sphere of construction and utility services, presentation of innovative technologies, presentation of regional projects. International conference «Innovations in construction and utility services» and meeting with the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) took place within the Forums framework.

In addition Russian constructors visited a number of objects under construction in Singapore. Special attention was given to the problems of housing construction.

From the Russian side among the Forums participants were the Deputies of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, Russian Union of Contractors, Government of the Omsk Oblast region, deputies of other Russian regions, heads of the biggest construction companies and educational institutions of the Russian construction sector.

International conference «Innovations in construction and utility services» was held in two stages. The first stage was organized in the form of plenary session while the second part was conducted in the «Open Space» mode..

The international conference was opened by the head of the Russian delegation Mr. Viktor Shudegov Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for education. Nowadays training of skilled staff, up-to-date methods, innovations, ecological issues play a significant role in the wellbeing of the construction sector. Therefore the initiative of the Federal Assembly Deputies from different committees the realization of the Forum in Singapore was stipulated by the high speed of economic development of the country megalopolis, including the development of its construction sector.

Viktor Shudegov stressed that today the leading countries focus their attention on the modernization of the societies where domination of ideology over science comes to an end. This point of view was expressed by Barack Obama in his executive memorandum. The same spirit filled the address of Dmitriy Medvedev in his article «Go Russia!» and in the annual message of the President to the Federal Assembly. Viktor Shudegov called upon the delegates of the Forum to use reciprocal meetings for the benefit of the future collaboration. And from his point of view the first footstep to the collaboration should consist in introductory meetings and establishment of friendly relationships.

Deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma Alexander Terentyev spoke out with the welcoming speech on behalf of the State Duma Committee for construction and land relations and on behalf of the Russian Union of Contractors. He read out to the participants of the Forum the message of the Russian Union of Contractors President Vladimir Yakovlev. In his speech Alexander Terentyev noted the positive trend of the development of those Russian regions that collect the foremost experience of the leading world countries in the sphere of construction. Construction sector of Singapore arouses intense interest of Russian constructors on the topics of housing construction, government support of the mortgage lending, training of specialists, employment of innovative technologies and materials in construction.

On behalf of the Russian Embassy in Singapore with the speech of welcome and information about the development of Russia-Singapore relations spoke out Aleksey Dokhnovskiy. The city-state Singapore is based on a moderate territory which is constantly rising owing to the construction of the poured islands. Every five minutes a multistoried ship enters the port of Singapore. Every day goods from all over the world come to Singapore and the main criteria of trade supplies to the country is the quality of products.

From the Singapore side with the welcoming address spoke out: Appavoo Chelliah S Jayapaul Deputy Director of Ministry of National Development of Singapore Construction Department, Andrew Khng President of the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, Renee Koh Deputy Director of the Singapore Business Federation.

In the business part of the plenary session the Omsk Oblast region presentation was conducted. First Deputy Chairman of the Omsk Oblast region government Valeriy Boyko presented a comprehensive information about the investment attractiveness of the Siberia region and spoke about his suggestions concerning the trade and economic collaboration with foreign partners.

Omsk Oblast region is a place of a meeting for air lines, Trassiberian railway main lines, motorways and waterways connecting Europe and Asia. In the north the region borders with the petroliferous Tyumen region, in the west with the industrial Ural, in the east the region opens the way out to the Pacific Ocean and to abundant natural resources of Siberia. In the south the Omsk region borders the dynamically developing Kazakhstan.

Territory of the Omsk Oblast region is more than 140,000 square kilometers. The region possesses four oilfields, one gasfield, the second Syberian deposit of bentonitic clays with the biggest resources, placers of zircon-ilmenite sands with explored reserves of titanium and zirconium oxides. Especially valuable is a vast artesian pool of fresh, mineral and thermal waters.

Omsk Oblast region provides developed science intensive production of microelectronics and mechanical engineering. Engineers in Omsk participate in designing and producing the newest specimens of aviation technics. Omsk Oblast region cosmic technologies are used in the USA and Europe. Petrochemistry and agricultural sector are steadily developing. Today a number of new sectors is created in the region. Those are biotechnologic production, adoption of nanotechnologies, production of polycrystalline silicon, flax fibre and polypropylene.

Regional Government ensures transparent, profitable and predictable terns of doing business. It renders a package of measures for supporting investment projects with foreign interest.

Amount of investments in the capital stock of the regional economy totaled $ 1,8 bln. in 2008.

Foreign investments come from 55 countries. During the last year alone in Omsk region were opened agencies of such famous trademarks: «IKEA», «Metro cash and carry», «Auchan», «OBI» and «Leroy Merlin».

In spite of the recession in the world economy, foreign capital accumulated in the Omsk region is expected to amount near $1 bln by the end of 2009. This fact expressively evidences that Omsk region is seen abroad as a socially and economically stable territory.

Representatives of the Omsk regional Government and business circles brought to Singapore several mutually beneficial investment offers, that were presented by Valeriy Boyko, Mikhail Ptitsin and Levan Turmanidze. Omsk regional Agency of advertising and exhibition activity prepared advertising booklets and demonstration stand with information about the investment objects.

In the second part of the conference the participants in groups continued their dialog on the topic of construction and utility services, investments in construction sector, new technologies and education.

Representatives of the parties in a free form exchanged information, presented their companies and perspective plans of development, expressed their wishes. Initiator of the project «One hundred cities of Siberia and Far East» Ramil Bikmullin presented a concept of a large-scale international project of the innovative development of Russian eastern regions. Ramil Bikmullin aquainted President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev with this project during the national discussion of the article «Go Russia!» During the preparation of the project were taken into account the main problems of Siberian regions, that arose in the postsoviet period. The purpose of the project is to support the Siberian people with the accessible and up-to-date housing, worthy jobs and adequate quality of living. Technical base of the project includes the most up-to-date technologies of construction and infrastructure development. Among those are technologies of steel skeleton cellular polystyrene panel construction, water treatment on the base of biomolecular treatment, stringed technologies of Yunitskiy. Social importance of the project is stipulated by the contemporary living conditions in the remote regions of Russia, ineffective usage of natural resources, outdated management system. Ramil Bikmullin proposed to the Singapore party to estimate perspectives of the project to future generations, when the mankind will seriously face the problems of ecology, food supply, clear energy production.

During the one hour talk Appavoo Chelliah S Jayapaul Deputy Director of Ministry of National Development of Singapore Construction Department asked questions on particular topics of the project that were a discovery to him, and he expressed his interest to the further dialog.

During the talk with the colleagues from the Moscow area Yaroslav Fenchine and Igor Shapovalov Appavoo Chelliah S Jayapaul discussed the innovative technologies that are used by Singapore constructors starting from the planning stage and ending by the maintenance of the finished building. Later on young energetic chiefs could in practice get acquainted with the work of Singapore builders during the visits to objects under construction and operational objects.

After the termination of the conference Russian delegates visited contemporary living quarters constructed by the company Far East Organization. They visited the well-designed space around the house, common space inside the house, flats and service rooms. In the office of Far East Organization to the Russian delegation were presented not only building and infrastructure models, but also exact copies of furnished flats.

Nearby on the construction area of another housing unit Russian constructors saw the initial stage of construction. Equipment and specialists worked as a united smoothly running mechanism. The trucks entered the building site on planned beforehand schedule without queues and idle time, and they quitted the building site likewise with a short stop to wash the wheels. As a matter of fact in Singapore there is no mud and rubbish. Streets are cleaned every day and it is possible to walk barefoot. There are no traffic jams and car accumulation around houses.

Next morning on the invitation of Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. (SCAL) President Andrew Khng and CEO Simon Lee Fun Russian delegation participated in the extensive meeting with Singapore constructors.

Andrew Khng gave a detailed account of the activity of Singapore Contractors Association, that includes 80% of the Singapore construction companies. Russian delegation was especially attracted by methods of training construction specialists in Singapore, as well as by the system of organization and control of the work on objects of construction.

Simon Lee Fun presented departments and divisions of the association, introduced the events arranged for the members of the organization. Singapore construction market attracts thousands of workers from different countries of the Southeastern Asia. System of training and certification of specialists plays a big role in supplying the construction sector of Singapore and other countries with skilled personnel. Association occasionally conducts seminars on the topic of changes in legislation, in requirements of the migratory service, tax inspectorate, technical standards and safety measures. SCAL issues a monthly magazine «Construction», that publishes scientific, technical and reference data for the members of the Association. Management of the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. works on a public basis.

Russian constructors in their turn explained the situation with contemporary transformation that consists in forming self-regulating organizations. With a presentation of a self-regulating organization «SOYUZPETROSTROY-STANDART» spoke Director Evgeniy Kaplan. He also addresses the SCAL management with a request for render assistance in fulfilling contracts for building in the countries of Asia Pacific region.

The Russian Union of Contractors proposed to the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. to enter into cooperation for the purpose of exchanging experience and information about the modern technologies in the sphere of construction. Andrew Khng supported this proposal and announced the possibility of making a return visit to Moscow.

The program of the Forum included the visit to the Singapore objects under construction, that are a visual proof of the advanced approach to construction. The visit started with the talk in the construction companys office situated on the site. Senior specialist in charge of the object under construction spoke in detail about the project of the quarter, applied technologies of frame-solid construction and materials used in construction and decoration work.

Accompanied by the person in charge, wearing helmets, the delegation of constructors walked along the ground floors of the building, where the fine finish was carried out, and afterwards everyone rose on the freight elevator to the 37th floor. On the building roof assembly works of main construction elements were taking place. From the birds eye view the representative of the construction company showed dozens of Singapore objects under construction. The most impressive was the group of three skyscrapers crowned by the garden of natural trees.

Due to the implementation of a big number of business events in Singapore, Russian delegation was divided into groups and continued working in «Open-space» mode.

Omsk region government delegation visited the Singapore Ministry of National Development and met Russian Ambassador in Singapore Mr. Rozhkov.

Deputy Chairman of the RF State Duma Committee for Education Viktor Shudegov together with representatives of the regional ministries and educational institutions visited National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, Singapore Polytechnic University.

One of the workdays was devoted to the exhibition «Sitex-2009». The biggest exhibition of electronics in the world is annually visited by more than 800 thousand people from all over the world. In the composition of the Russian delegation appeared to be many persons interested in buying the latest achievements of the digital technology, that are going to come to Russian networks in several months.

Representative of the Omsk regional Agency of advertising and exhibition activity Elena Bozhenkova conducted negotiations with the management of the Singapore Expo Centre on the topic of future collaboration. The negotiations were successful.

In the whole, according to the Russian delegates, the visit of Singapore became a real discovery of contemporary construction, education, merging of science and business. The city-state left bright impressions, as an example of spirituality, diligence, wisdom and patriotism. In Singapore for any person it is sufficient to labour to be happy and healthy. Singapore is open to collaboration with Russia.