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Custom-made programs

Every Individual project requires news approaches and flexibility. For every new project we conduct professional market analysis to determine the most potentially promising market segment or country for conducting business.  

Individual projects imply the organization of events in a country of choice.

  • Visiting cities of the country of choice.
  • Participating and/or organization unique conferences, forums and business meetings with desired international organizations.
  • Organization of business negotiations and legal help with potential partners.
  • Organization of educational programs, seminars and trainings abroad.
  • Visiting international exhibitions, unique institutions, factories, research institutes and other required objects.

Each Individual project creates a unique opportunity and is designed to give each participant detailed analysis of the potential market and the cultural heritage, which will simplify the process of doing business.

In result, you will obtain:

  • unique experience of international activities,
  • finding new potential clients and partners,
  • promotion of your business in the future.


    International Business Corporation tightly cooperates with government officials and businesses all over Russia and offers unique opportunities for every new client to explore and grasp Russia’s market. , finding the most promising partners in any region of Russia, enter into perspective collaboration with governmental institutions, visit any places and objects that you are interested in, pass study programs organized by the leading Russian experts and therefore develop a successful business in Russia.

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