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International Construction Forum in the USA Ц 2010

In the period from 5th to 13th April 2010 the regular session of International Construction Forum was conducted, the Russian delegation made a business trip to the USA and visited three cities: New-York, Las-Vegas, Los-Angeles. The principal event that attracted the attention of chief executives of Russian construction companies, was Global Construction Summit – 2010, that took place in New York. Business events of that kind pass every two years and gather in the same place supreme managers of international construction, investment and financial companies, as well as representatives of government institutions of the leading countries.

In the work of the Summit 2010 participated delegations from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East and Australia. By the way Russian delegation was the second most numerous after the American one in number of the delegates. The key topic of the Summit in 2010 was “Winning Business in World Markets”, therefore its main objective was to find solutions for main problems of global construction market and to exchange experience of successful management of construction companies in terms of global competition.

Special attention was given to functioning of promising construction markets of BRIC and Middle East countries. In spite of the crisis, Russia together with China and India has lately been characterized as a country with a fast-growing economy, attractive for foreign investments. Special plenary sections and round table talks were devoted to prospects of development of construction markets and infrastructure in the above mentioned countries.

Another problem that was actively discussed this year was successful management of construction business. In terms of the global financial crisis specialists have to modify strategies of their business. At the same time unstable financial position accelerated advancement of modern construction technologies in mass usage, opened new possibilities of adopting innovative business mechanisms. During the Summit heads of Russian companies took active part in discussions and breaks were used to exchange contacts and discuss the possibilities of collaboration with foreign colleagues.

In New York the Russian delegation also visited the newest project of Donald Trump – luxurious hotel Trump Soho put into operation on 9th April 2010. Representatives of the Trump Soho project management company prepared for Russian delegates presentation of the hotel, presented innovative technologies that were used in construction.

The United States traditionally demonstrate to the World a wide spectrum of construction technologies for raising high-rise and low-rise domestic houses, commercial and industrial building, objects of infrastructure. In Las-Vegas and Los-Angeles Russian specialists got added evidence that for each object can be applied different means of attracting investments and using construction technologies.

Perini Building Company – a division of one of the largest general contractors of the USA – Tutor Perini Corporation, invited Russian delegation to visit its office which is situated in the complex City Center in Las-Vegas. The City Center – the latest project of Perini, is one of the most large-scale construction projects of the last decade, put into operation in December 2009. Specially for the Russian delegation managers of the company prepared presentation of their products including the City Center as well as the largest buildings of Las Vegas.

International Business Corporation asked representatives of Perini to stress in their presentation the topics of power efficiency, ecological construction, financing large-scale projects, constructing high-rise buildings and other topics most interesting for Russian business. With the purpose of more visual demonstration of their construction technologies, Perini prepared for the Russian delegation the tour around the complex City Center accompanied by the company’s specialists.

As a result of the business trip to the USA chiefs of the Russian companies not only received bright impressions from acquaintance with the newest construction objects and participation in one of the most important events of the world construction industry in 2010 – Global Construction Summit, but also acquired a large set of new business contacts and feasible opportunities to develop their business.

From 1st to 14th May 2010 American delegation arrived to Russia with a return visit. The delegation visited Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar in order to sign agreements for the delivery of equipment and memorandums for creating joint enterprises in order to start realization of commercial projects on the territory of Russia. President of the company Holmes Construction – Robert Holmes plans to prolong his work in Moscow for one more month, as those Russian delegates who visited the USA in April displayed their keen interest in collaboration with the American side. And to one of the businessmen who didn’t have sufficient material resources Mr. Holmes suggested not only to create a joint enterprise but also to carry out a large order for one of the developing countries in the factory of steel wireframe cellular polystyrene panels that will be constructed in Russia. According to Mr. Holmes, he liked the frankness of the future partner and a glitter in his eyes while discussing the projects. That is what can be called the main business-resource – as Mr. Holmes thinks.

ЌDuring the meeting of Robert Holmes and Russian architect Alexander Soloviev colleagues discussed Russian technologies of low-rise construction. But in portfolio of American technologies analogical decisions were found long ago. Mr. Soloviev right after the meeting informed Mr. Holmes the decision to start the construction of the factory for manufacturing low-rise buildings in Moscow area.

International Business Corporation and American Construction Technology intend to continue their collaboration on the topic of attracting investments and new construction technologies to Russia and conducting in 2010 joint business events in Moscow, New-York, Hong-Kong and Tokyo.