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3-10 March 2008, Tokyo, Japan. International Construction Forum

During the International Construction Forum was held a conference, in which on the Russian part participated more than 100 representatives of Russian business circles, heads of industry associations and unions, representatives of local government. On the Japanese part participated Russian Embassy in Japan, Russa-Japan business club, heads of leading Japanese construction, architecture and investment companies. A big number of the newest projects and technologies in the sphere of construction was discussed. Several agreements of collaboration were concluded.

The first on the conference spoke the first secretary of the Russian embassy in Japan Dmitriy Berichevskiy, who is responsible for economic collaboration.

He noted that it was already the second delegation that visited Japan together with International Business Corporation. This event best of all shows the rising mutual interest of the two countries business structures. That happens against a background of a positive trend of Japan-Russia economic relations development. And in confirmation of this words he showed to those present the latest corresponding data of the year 2007.

The data explained that the bilateral trade between our countries grows steadily and year after year the rates double. But in total it is ten times lower that the trade with USA and China. It is not a secret that practically all Japanese technologies are today bought with the help of intermediaries, like China and others. Thats why such dialogues are useful for concluding direct agreements in the sphere exchanging technologies and investment projects.

Construction is a very attractive sphere of collaboration between the two countries. The Japanese are uppermost interested in construction projects for concrete events such as Olimpic games in Sochi 2014 and APEC Summit in Vladivostok 2012. In their turn Russian businessmen are interested in Japanese technologies that are rightfully considered unique.

In addition to the topic took the floor the representative of Japanese company Kajima Corporation Masayoshi Kihara, Senior Manager Business Development Department Overseas Subsidiaries Management Division.

Kajima Corporation is the biggest subcontractor that participates in the largest projects of Japan, USA, Europe and China. Mr. Kihara visited Moscow not long ago and he was pleasantly surprised by changes, that occurred in our country. In particular he was impressed by construction of the Federation Tower, conducted by Mirax Group. In Japan like in Russia there are a lot of high-rise buildings, but taking into consideration the seismic activity of the territory, construction of such objects becomes more complex. Accumulated experience totally depends on location of construction. And if we unite our researches we can achieve truly excellent results. Then Mr. Kihara spoke about the latest trends on Japanese construction market, gave coverage of the latest technologies and answered numerous questions of the participants.

Then took the floor Mr. Tsushida, which represented Mitsubishi State Home. Mitsubishi State Home is the biggest company of Japanese construction sector. Practically all high-rise buildings around the Tokyo station and also the tallest building in Japan Landmark Tower in Yokohama are built y the company Mitsubishi State Home. He spoke about some secrets of his companys success, the focus on design, wood construction, guarantees that the company provides to its customers.

Sumitomo company, Sibayama Tokashi and Iwasaki Otsusi presented information about the company. Sumitomo Group was founded in 1691 as a company engaged in forestry. Today the company is the biggest supplier of wood in Japan. Only from Russia they annually import 390000 cubic meters of wood. The company owns a research institute in Tsukuba city for the development of ecologically clean materials and their testing in different extreme conditions in Tsukuba city.

Misawa company constructs wood panels and concrete blocks. Representatives of the company spoke about the companies unique technologies of construction. They give a 20-year guarantee for all their buildings that includes after sale services. They designed technologies Zero energy generation of energy with a help of solar batteries, and M-tree sawdust compressed with a special glue that turn into a very firm panel. The company strives for a maximum reduction of harmful gazes in the atmosphere and seeks to reduce harmful gazes to zero, by means of optimizing processing of the remainder of raw materials.

WPC Corp represented by Tokuyasu Kekuchi is engaged in developing new ecologically clean technologies, that respond to contemporary requirements. The company is based in Tokyo and it has more than 23 branches all over the world.

Misawa Home Company, represented by Otto Ushiba that is engaged in residential construction expressed its active interest in future collaboration with Russian businessmen on the topic of developing Russian private sector.